Thursday, 3 November 2011

Rise of Lilith

Moonlight glistened on the sleeping form of Lilith. Her raven black hair spilled over the white pillowcases. Her melon-sized breasts rose and fell with each soft breath.  The sheet entwined round her legs like ivy clinging to a tree.  Lilith was a witch.  She slept tonight, because tomorrow would be a different matter indeed.

Lilith woke with a feeling of excitement. Tonight it was full Moon; her sexual urges were heightened at this time. She was already moist, with longing. She lay there in the morning sunlight thinking about what was in store that evening. Whilst she did so she lay there, admiring her curves in the mirror.  She wanted something inside of her badly; her body almost ached with longing.  Playing with her own clit, she pondered whether she should release some of the tension or save it for tonight. She brought herself to the point of climaxing and held it there. Tonight was a special one, better to save it. 

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